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Promoting fair trade. Supporting the artisan
Celebrating an unparalleled heritage
Craft conservation as a sustainable, viable livelihood
Rewarding partnerships with a deserving force
Promoting eco-friendly choices


The possibilities of what can be created with us are difficult to quantify.

"Country 56 Corporation" is a well known manufacturer, exporter, supplier and wholesaler of metal ware, glass ware and wooden crafts Since our inception in 2016; we are relentlessly catering to the varied requirements of the customers. We are a manufacture & exporter of Metal Candle holder, Metal Lanterns, Steel Lanterns, Photo Frames, Garden Accessories, Christmas Hangings, Christmas Decor.

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It is our effort to bring you an undeniably unique selection of traditional art and craft translated into a range of attractive contemporary products, while ensuring a fair price for every single artisan whose creations have been featured on this portal.

Country 56 Corporation was born from an ardent desire amongst its founders to create a larger canvas than what exists today, for all the beautiful and unparalleled creativity that the simple artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries. We hope to be able to raise the dignity of the Indian artisan in our own small way. This portal was conceived with the sole objective of featuring Indian art and craft in its most unique and contemporary form, bringing it closer to people across the world.

With the driving objective of creating a fair price platform for artisans who have very limited access to any market, leave alone global markets, the site is inhabited with a wide selection of products from every corner of the country, direct from the artisan, NGO's working closely with artisan groups or from enterprises that directly deploy artisans in the creation of their products.

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The grandeur of Indian Handicrafts

Ideally, advertising aims at the goal of a programmed harmony among all human impulses and aspirations and endeavors. Using handicraft methods, it stretches out toward the ultimate goal of a collective consciousness.

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